QCRC always accepts gear donations! Our campers rely on borrowed and donated gear to rock out. Year round, we accept permanent donations of used, functional musical instruments (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) and equipment (amps, PAs, microphones, cables, power strips, tuners, straps, strings, picks) for our Gear Library. (You can also earmark a Camp Gear sponsorship for specific instruments.) From January until camp week, we also campaign for loaner gear pledges for the week of camp.

During camp week, each room needs:

  • full drum kit with throne
  • full PA (head, two speakers, cables, 2 mics, 2 mic stands)
  • guitar amp
  • bass amp
  • 2 instrument cables
  • tuner
  • extension cord
  • power strip
  • pack of guitar strings
  • pack of bass strings
  • picks
  • drumsticks
  • 2 guitar straps
  • 6 pairs of earplugs

You can donate musical equipment, for camp week or for keeps, using this form.

Additionally, QCRC needs a variety of non-musical goods to help make camp week a success, such as:

  • snacks for our volunteers (bagels and cream cheese, granola bars, popcorn, bottled water, soda, tea, energy drinks, coffee)
  • items for camper schwag bags (tote bags, earplugs, pens, notebooks, buttons, reusable water bottles)
  • office supplies (pens, Sharpie markers, blank CDs, copy paper, gently used laptop computers)
  • used gift cards (we make guitar picks out of them!)

And our big item wishlist currently includes:

  • color laser printer/copier/fax
  • projector

Gear Pledge Form

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