I didn’t really want to perform in front of people, but I did anyway and it was so much fun. … I’m not as timid in front of people. I can talk to new people more easily than I did before, and I can approach people more easily.
— N, camper
QCRC really ROCKS! ... She has been excited every day by what she has learned and done.
— A, parent

Where Every Girl Has a Voice

Inspired by Portland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls and Tennessee’s Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp, two of the longest running rock camps in the country, QCRC provides campers with instrument instruction in bass, drums, guitar, and keyboard with the help of talented volunteers. Campers also participate in workshops that broaden their musical horizons and learn about some of the boldest women in rock and roll. Each day local female artists and female-fronted bands play exclusive sets. Most importantly, campers form their own bands, write their own songs, and perform them at a showcase in front of a real live audience at the end of camp.

Every aspect of Queen City Rock Camp gives young women opportunities for self-expression and growth they would not otherwise have, and promotes female empowerment through creative experimentation. The things each camper learns during this week stay with her for life… whether or not she ever touches a musical instrument again.

A Day At Rock Camp

8:30 am - Camper Check-In

9:00 am - Morning Assembly 

9:15 am - Music Herstory: presentations on female musical pioneers

9:30 am - Morning Tutorial with topics include positive communication skills, self defense, and band promotion

10:00 am - Instrument Instruction in bass, drums, frontwoman, guitar, keyboard

11:00 am - Lunch

11:30 am - Guest Performance from local and regional performers like the Shandies, Grandma Strange, and more

12:30 pm - Afternoon Tutorial in subjects like costume making, ukulele, and self esteem

1:30 pm - Do-It-Herself Workshops like printmaking, recording, and zinemaking

3:00 pm - Band Practice

5:00 pm - Closing Assembly

5:30 pm - Camper Pickup

 Camper Survey Results

We give our campers a survey on the first and last day of QCRC with the same questions. Below are the changes in their answers over five days of camp in 2015:

"I have good ideas."

"I feel good about my body."

"If I try to do something and it does not work out, I will try again."